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FM Small-Sized Sealed Lead Acid Storage Battery 12V-7ah

FM Small-Sized Sealed Lead Acid Storage Battery 12V-7ah

Trade Info
Min. order: 300 Pieces
Trade Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, FCA
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Standard: 12V-7AH
Basic Info
Model NO.:FM; 12V0.8AH~12V12AH
Type:Lead-Acid Batteries
Export Markets:Global
Additional Info.
Product Description

FM Small-sized Sealed Lead Acid Storage Battery
- Maintenance-free: Advanced valve-regulated sealed technique and the adsorptive glassfiber clapboard are used, so that no refilling of electrolyte is required.

- Low self-discharge rate: A special Pb-Ca alloy is used to control the self-discharge rate in the lowest so that the battery can be stored for a long time.

- No memory effect: Unlike Ni-Cd batteries, FM batteries habe no memory effect, i. E. Short time discharging after repetitive short time functioning or discharging.

- Long Life time: Long float charge life is achieved by the use of Pb-Ca alloy, through which the gas released in the normal floating charge condition can be perfectly absorbed, so the capacity will never decrease out of the reduction of the electrolyte under the proper functioning.

- High discharging rate: A higher discharging rate is possessed by the new FMH batteries than others of the same kind.

- Temperature: FM batteries can normally work under the temperature between -15oC and 50oC. No position fixed: FM batteries can installed horizontally, vertically or diaglnally.

- Security: The explosion-prevented valve is used to ensure the security under the proper operating.

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